Cancellation Policy:

Please note that 24 hours noticed is required for all rescheduled and cancelled appointments. Rescheduled, cancelled and missed appointments with less than 24 hours notice will be invoiced a fee of $52.50. Thank you for your understanding.


Massage Therapy

Rates: gst included

60 minutes - $105.00

90 minutes - $136.50

120 minutes - $168.00

Add cupping - $21.00

The Golden Lady is trained in traditional Swedish Massage; specializing in relaxation and mindful Massage Therapy, she is able to offer therapeutic services as well.


Since 2006 Jackie has been practicing the art of Massage Therapy. Over the years, she has created a very unique process for her clients. Breath-work, crystal massage wands and even Tuning Forks may be incorporated during your session. It is The Golden Lady's belief that Massage Therapy does not need to be painful in order to be effective. She uses her innate gifts to listen to your body and tune in to what your body has to share. Perhaps that chronic knot has more to do with an unresolved emotion than your repetitive movements at work. Jackie provides a very personalized experience and hones in on what your ailments are, as well as the story your body shares with her. She will take all of this information and create a truly wonderful session for you. Her fusion of relaxation and therapeutic work leaves you feeling relaxed, stress free, and with all your muscular tension melted out.

Jackie is a Licensed and Registered Massage Therapist with 2200 hours of training and has been offering Massage Therapy since 2006.  She is a member in good standing with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Rates: gst included

90 minutes - $178.50

120 minutes - $210.00

Add cupping - $21.00

The Golden Lady offers an un-paralleled Hot Stone Massage service. In a session over 65 stones will be used. A few of these will be cool stones, and the vast majority will be divinely warm. Stones are placed underneath as well as on top of you, to warm your muscles and release deep seated tension. The rest of the stones are used to massage your body in the most relaxing and rejuvenating ways.

Both hot and cool stones are used to help the body exchange your blood, release toxins, and provide relaxation. The cool stones can also be used on any inflamed areas to calm them down. Commonly the cool stones are used on joints suffering from arthritis, on the face to relieve sinus congestion / sinus pain and on old injuries that may still give you grief.

This is a very luxurious and relaxing form of Massage Therapy. Hot Stone Massage is very therapeutic, relaxing and simply divine. A must try!

Jackie has received formal training and is a Certified Hot Stone Massage Therapist. She offers both relaxation as well as therapeutic Hot Stone Massage Services.

Therapeutic Mysofascial Cupping


Add on per session - $21.00

Therapeutic Myofascial Cupping has many benefits. The cups are placed on the skin and the air is sucked out of the cups, creating a vacuum, this gently stretches the connective tissue and muscles, this is where muscular tension often begins. It releases deep knots and compacted / dehydrated muscle tissues. While the cups release your tissues the vacuum also pulls the blood to the surface and encourages a full body blood exchange, revitalizing your muscles, connective tissues and skin. This modality also provides a detox for your body, pulling toxins within the tissues to the surface. 


Myofascial Cupping will often leave behind evidence of the detoxification your body has received. There can be mild colouration where the cups were. The colours can range from light pink to deep purple. Please note that the cups in no way bruise you. The "marks" are toxins that have been pulled from deep within the body to the surface of your skin. Typically it will take your skin 3-10 days to slowly release these toxins from your body. As the toxins are released, the colouration fades.


Therapeutic Myofascial Cupping can be performed with any Massage Therapy or Hot Stone Massage Therapy session (please note there is a $21.00 fee to add cupping to your session).

Therapeutic Ear Candling

Rates: gst included

60 minutes - $126.00

90 minutes - $168.00

Ear Package - $189.00

Ear candling is beneficial for people with allergies, sinus conditions, ear infections, tinnitus, yeast imbalances, hearing issues and anyone who has issues with ear equalization - it is NOT suitable for those with perforated ear drums.


Those suffering from allergies of all kinds; food allergies, seasonal, etc will find that they benefit very much from Ear Candling. It can be done 4 times a year with the change of seasons, weekly or monthly if you are working through a specific issue, or just once in a while when you feel you need it.

A hollow candle is placed gently into the opening of the ear canal and is safely lit. The heat from the candle loosens up ear wax and residue and increases the lymphatic systems functioning, promoting increased immune functioning and gentle body detoxification.


During a session you will likely become so relaxed you fall asleep while The Golden Lady Candles your ears and performs a very gentle and relaxing lymphatic massage on your face. Colour Therapy and Reiki are usually incorporated into these sessions.

Komyo Reiki

Rates: gst included

60 minutes - $105

90 minutes - $136.50

120 minutes - $168.00

Pronounced Ray – Key, this subtle hands on modality was shared in the early 1900’s by Mikao Usui. Komyo Reiki is a very traditional form of Reiki, focusing on both the spiritual as well as the physical healing attributes of Reiki.

A most simple and harmonious modality which encompasses the use of the practitioner's hands above or placed directly on the client. 


During a session your energy is balanced and renewed; when this occurs relaxation, stress relief and healing take place. Above all, Reiki is gentle, loving and deeply relaxing. 

Rest. Relax. Restore. Renew. Transform.

Chakra Balancing

Rates: gst included

90 minutes - $136.50

120 minutes - $168.00

Through The Golden Lady's intuition and experiences with many forms of energetic modalities this method of Chakra Balancing was birthed. A session begins with a hand scan of the client’s body. From this The Golden Lady is able to discern what is in balance and where balance would like to be restored.

Often crystals are used in sessions, from grids surrounding the client to stones placed on the body, commonly stone clicking is utilized as well, a method of clicking stones together over the body to allow energetic congestion to be released.

A wide variety of techniques may be employed during a session. Frequently Colour and Sound Therapy are incorporated into the session. Breath-work can also be a wonderful tool to aid in release.

This is a very intuitive process that is constantly in motion. As your body responds to the session and the techniques used, intuitively The Golden Lady will keep the energetic current flowing for optimal results and transformation.

Chakras are energy centers in your body, there are seven main Chakras.

Root – Located at the base of the spine, between the genitals

Sacral - Located at the sacrum, or three inches below the navel

Solar Plexus – Located at the base of the sternum
Heart – Located in the middle of your chest
Throat – Located in the middle of your throat
Third Eye – Located above and between your eyes
Crown – Located at the top of the head

Colour Sound Therapy

Rates: gst included

60 minutes - $105.00

90 minutes - $136.50

The Golden Lady follows the Dinshah method of Spectro Chrome Therapy (Colour Therapy). Within this system 12 colours are used to bring balance on physical, energetic, mental and emotional levels. She will select the colour most suited to you at the time of your session. This true colour will be shone on the body (also called a tonation).

While your essence is absorbing the beneficial properties of the chosen colour, 13 stainless steel Tuning Forks are used on different energetic points on the body. Colour and Sound are both energetic frequencies that are perceived by humans in different forms, one we see and one we hear. This is where the magick occurs! These two separate frequencies play together and off of each other to create balance, release and rejuvenation.

Kahi Loa - Hawaiian Shamanism

Rates: gst included

90 minutes - $136.50

120 minutes - $168.00

Kahi Loa is a form of Hawaiian Shamanism. In this modality there are seven Kingdoms which are invoked during the session to call in the energetic medicine that will be used to bring healing and transformation to you, the client.

Ahi sacred medicine of Fire
Wai sacred medicine of (fresh) Water
Makani sacred medicine of Wind
Pohaku sacred medicine of Stones 
La'au sacred medicine of Plants
Holoholona sacred medicine of Animals
Kanaka sacred medicine of a Loving Spirit

This is a very interactive form of Energy Work, The Golden Lady will communicate with you throughout the session to discover what these sacred elements mean for you and use your words to channel the Divine Medicine.

As with all Energy Work, best to experience it to truly understand it.

Gentle  Sacred  Healing  Elemental

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