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Reg $2,100.00 Currently $1575.00 - One on One On-Line Training - 1 day / week for 5 weeks


There are five modules that make up this certification course, they must be taken in sequential order. To become certified as a Colour Therapist all modules must be completed, as well as all homework.


Module One – The Body of Colour – Day One, Week One

This module covers the principles and history of Colour Therapy. Students will learn about the energetic and physical properties of colour and light. Throughout this module your awareness for colour will be expanded upon and you will begin to form a foundation to further your studies.


Module Two – The Soul of Colour – Day Two, Week Two

SpectroChrome Therapy (Colour Therapy) will thoroughly be explained. At the end of this module students will have the ability to offer SpectroChrome Therapy sessions for themselves as well as others. Students will also receive a Colour Therapy Kit. This module is based on the work of Dinshah Ghadiali and will cover the 12 spectral colours within Dinshah’s Colour Therapy System.


Module Three – The Spirit of Colour – Day Three, Week Three

This module takes a very in-depth look at the human aura. Students will learn about the extended chakra system, as well as discover more about their own auric fields.


A deepening journey of self-discovery; a more subtle approach to colour and vibration, learning the intricacies of the auric field and how it can be transformed are just some of the aspects that will be explored.


Module Four – The Magick of Colour – Day Four, Week Four

In The Magick of Colour students will learn more about the physical principles of colour and how to relate them to the more subtle and energetic properties of colour. Students further their understanding of manifestation, on all levels of personal transformation as well as in the role of facilitator for others. Colour personalities are also explored in a multifaceted approach.


Module Five – The Essence of Colour – Day Five, Week Five

The final module presents students with tools, charts and techniques to fully embody colour and vibrational healing. Crystals are used in-depth in this course and detailed instructions will be provided on how to work with crystals in an authentic and heart centered way.


All sessions, courses and workshops are available through Skype, Zoom, Facetime and Whats App. 


To book an on-line distance course please call / text Jackie at 780-690-4156 or email goldenladywholistics@gmail.com

Cancellation Policy:

Please note that 24 hours noticed is required for all rescheduled and cancelled appointments. Rescheduled, cancelled and missed appointments with less than 24 hours notice will be invoiced a fee of $52.50. Thank you for your understanding.

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