Golden Lady Wholistics is moving to NY - Last day in YEG June 20th

At this time Golden Lady Wholistics is operating as usual, sessions can be booked in person at Healing Connections, or for distance energy work (zoom or phone call). I am still offering courses and workshops too!


If you're wanting to get in for one (or many) sessions before I leave we can do that! Always wanted to take a course or workshop? We have time for that too! Courses and workshops are available for in person learning (outdoors as it is BEAUTIFUL outside now) or online via zoom.


It is a bittersweet time for me right now. I am both very excited to start my next chapter in New York and spend my life with the most amazing partner I could ever ask for. While at the same time it is sad to say goodbye to family, friends, AMAZING clients and students too.


Over the past 15 years I have continued to be in awe of your support of both me as a person and of my business. I always dreamed that this would be my reality and it certainly came to fruition, and that is most certainly because of each and every one of you. I truly can't thank you enough, nor express my gratitude to you all.


To book a session you can do so online or by calling Healing Connections at 780-488-9779. You can also call me at 780-690-4156 however the easiest and fastest way to book is either online or by calling Healing Connections.


My hours from now until June 20th will be:


Monday - Wednesday noon-9:30pm

Thursday noon-4:30pm

Friday - Sunday 9am-5pm


Jackie is a member in good standing with:

Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC)

Dinshah Health Society (U.S)

Your Holistic Earth

The Future

Once I have moved to NY I will be changing the focus of Golden Lady Wholistics. Distance energy work sessions, virtual courses / workshops and Monthly New Moon Reiki Sessions will all still be available.


My new focus will be an online school for energetic medicine and I will also be offering in-person training retreat style all over the globe. I likely won't send out my monthly newsletter until sometime in 2022 when I have my new business model up and ready to launch.


It has been a most amazing journey with you all, and I know for many, our journey will continue on.


From July until the end of December I will have a practitioner referral page up on my website, this will be a list of practitioners I know and love, as well as my students who I am so proud of! This list will be easy to use and will help you find a new practitioner to take my place once I am moved. Please don't ask me for a referral, but rather wait until this list is up and make use of it. I have hundreds of people who will be asking and this is the easiest and least overwhelming way for me to offer you a referral.


Thank you so much for all your love, support and above all, for believing in me and what I offer. You are truly amazing and I am better for knowing each and every one of you.


Love and Light,


The Golden Lady



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